Do candidates have to pay a fee?

No. Candidates never pay a placement fee with Pam & Co. Employers seeking engineering talent hire our firm to find candidates like you. You reap the benefit of our expertise and national job networks.

How does Pam & Co.’s recruitment process work?

Step 1: Upload your resume or apply to a specific role on our job board. (Most candidates have a good targeted resume, but if you require help writing your resume then let us know. We can review your document and put a plan together.)

Step 2: After reviewing your resume against our current openings nationwide, we follow-up with a phone interview to review your custom search objectives and technical qualifications.

Step 3: After a successful qualification match and with your permission we prepare your qualification package and send to our clients. Each client’s process varies. Typically, we can have either 1-2 client phone interviews then a site visit or virtual interview.

How can Pam & Co. help my job search?

Your engineering degree didn’t prepare you for the effort it takes to market your skills to potential employers. Pam & Co. helps engineers improve their job search from application to salary negotiation. Our confidential executive search matches actionable engineering candidates with top employers. You can improve efficiency during the job search by accessing unadvertised opportunities. Hone your resume and interview skills, and connect to top employers nationwide with Pam & Co. beside you.

Why should I trust your company?

Trust is very important on both sides of the recruiting relationship. Engineering candidates trust Pam & Co. because we are engineering professionals. You want a recruiter that understands the culture you’re seeking, the skills you bring, and what’s important in your daily workflows. Your time won’t be wasted with a job that doesn’t match your skills.

How do I get started?

Call us today at 321.285.3071 or email your engineering credentials to info@pamanco.net


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