Why diversity is quite diverse

As the owner of Pam & Co, an Engineering and Technical Recruiting firm I see the need for diversity play out daily. I am not just a recruiter, but also a chemical engineer and person of color. My perspective on this topic is drawn from all those experiences. Diversity comes in many forms from people,… Read more »

The First 5 Years of an Engineering Career

As engineering recruiters, we get a front-row seat to the careers of a large number of people – in particular, we talk to a lot of people who are early-on in their careers. Sometimes, it seems like these folks have rocket-packs strapped to their backs; they did everything right and now they are seemingly in… Read more »

Job Searching Tips for #NewGrads

May and June are exciting times for the graduate. They get to celebrate their accomplishment after 4 or 5 years of hard work. Its also a realization that its time to land a full time role. For many this may be the first time contemplating leaving home for good. It is a difficult decision. What… Read more »

References: Say WHAT?

Furnished upon request. It is assumed that you will eventually need some references. However, do you really know what these folks are saying about you? I recently had one candidate furnish the requisite three references for a client company. The client had a really tough time reaching the third person and was about to just present an… Read more »